Why have SunVessel at your property?

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Worry Free Solution
Maintenance + Insurance + Reports

Let us take care of everything. SunVessel offers a turn key service that includes maintenance, custom reporting, and insurance coverage.

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Net Zero Amenity
Make this amenity cost your property $0

Our unique business model lets us offer SunVessel as a net zero amenity for your property. Inquire today to learn more.

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A New Way to Move
The latest in shared mobility at your space

Offer your tenants, guests, and personnel a new way to move around using the latest in shared mobility technology.


What we do

SunVessel is a network of smart charging stations for electric and robotic personal mobility devices installed in hotels, offices, and apartment buildings that enable people to take short trips in a city without the need of a car. We are the next generation transportation amenity.



We are taking orders for properties that want our service. Reach out so we can determine the best mobility experience for your property.